Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sad entry


saya sedeh. sedeh yang amat sangat

saya dah merungut. but this feeling never get any better

im trying so hard to find out what i did wrong

trying hard and put myself into the person shoes

finding all the possibilities 

yet, im failed to find one

what i got just a silence response

oke. fine

if u want to keep a distance, lets do it

cause once i had set up my mind, there is no turning back

lets just follow our own path, hoping we're not crossing each other in the end of it

" When my existence seems to disappear,
I will look for the place where i can do the best I can.
From now on, I’ll deliberate slowly.
I won’t be impatients.
I won’t be greedy.
I won’t give up.
Because everyone takes things step by step "

-Quotes from One Litre of Tears:-