Tuesday, September 20, 2011

this is what i want.


the truth is aku copy paste this entry from my friend's blog. no need to change and edit what she had wrote. because all i want to say already stated there.

dear my future husband which i dont know who,

I need you to make me want to learn about Islam. I need you to take me to the Mosque when i don’t feel like it, bring me beautiful prayer rugs to make me want to pray, read me suras from the Qur’an so that i can understand this beautiful religion that i feel like i have been shirking for such a long time. I need you to do this because i want to be there for you in Jannah waiting by that big beautiful gate with my hand reaching for yours. I want to be able to tell our children what an amazing man you are and how you saved my life in more ways than i can count on both hands. I want to tell our little girl that Islam is extraordinary when you have the right man helping you understand it. So when our daughters grow up and search for their own husbands, they will ask the Good Lord to find a man like you. To find their own helpers in this world. Because that’s what we do on this planet. We find our spouses that help us better ourselves in every way possible and when we do find that special someone, all we can do is look up to the sky and thank God for this person who we don’t deserve but somehow have gotten to share the rest of our blessed lives with. :)  

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